I Think We're Alone Now

I Think We're Alone Now (2008)

Sean Donnelly directs a film about two obsessive fans of 80s pop starlet Tiffany.

Donnelly's choice in subjects, Jeff Turner (50, Asperger's syndrome, from Santa Cruz, CA) and Kelly McCormick (33, transgendered, from Denver, CO) is certainly controversial, with regard to their respective questionable mental health at the time of filming. Turner comes across as a deluded blowhard, all the while his friends earnestly address the camera to (somewhat fruitlessly) explain there is much more to the man than his eccentric personality traits. McCormick, on the other hand, is a much more tragic figure, obviously (self) medicated much of the time, and with the most abysmal self esteem problems.

Donnelly is playing with a box of broken toys, and I am really unsure if this is good documentary making or not. The voyeur in me finds it fascinating, but there is a strong undercurrent of unease at the possible outcomes for the characters Donnelly constructs. When they meet in Las Vegas for a Tiffany concert, the interactions between Turner and McCormick are prickly at best; the competitive form of love they hold for Tiffany means that can't possibly be friends, withstanding Turner's faith and Kelly's lifestyle. Donnelly wraps up with an attempt to offer a brighter future for each of his subjects, with McCormick enjoying a healthy relationship with a new friend, and Turner switching his attention to an obsession with Alyssa Milano...

The film is offered in full below via Vimeo!

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  • Are performers in any way responsible for the stalkers that pursue them?
  • Did you have pop star posters on the wall as a teenager?
  • How about these days...?


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