How To Die In Oregon

How To Die In Oregon (2011)

Peter Richardson directs a film documenting the practice of physician-assisted suicide in Oregon, and the passage into law of physician-assisted suicide in Washington with great sensitivity and empathy. Some may find this a contentious topic, but I feel strongly that it is a person's right to choose the time and method of their death. Surely the awareness of our mortality and the fickleness of our bodies must be tempered by the solace of the right to die. I would prefer a system that codifies that right in law, rather than the de facto euthanasia in the form of palliative care that occurs in the absence of legislation. I won't soapbox further; suffice it to say Richardson's film is equally emphatic in favour of the right to die.

Conversation starters

  • Can the philosophy of better living through pharmaceuticals be applied to death?
  • What would it take to change the law in your part of the world?
  • When will you guys give me something more cheerful to watch?


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