Art & Copy

Art & Copy (2009)

There was a time, quite recently really, when advertising was a dirty word; the anarcho-lefties went nuts for Adbusters, and Darren from Bewitched was the most glamorous ad man on TV. Boy, things have changed...

Mad Men is a hit with the alt- cognoscenti, everybody thinks they can build their own website, we are urged to create our very own "dream homes", and technology has well and truly democratized what would have been skills very difficult to obtain and perfect scant decades ago. So, nowadays, everyone is an expert in advertising, branding, design, marketing... or so they think. What director Doug Pray brings to this post-ironic, super-saturated, meta-media milieu is face time with the guys wh0 wrote the book on getting a message across. Usually in two words, not fifty. Pray presents his subjects as auteurs of advertising, sage, irascible, and yoda-like in their pronouncements. He does a terrific job with the cinematography,and the soundtrack is appropriately hip. Even the design of the movie poster is cool. Sigh... I liked it so much I almost hate it.

Conversation starters

  • Is it cynical to believe these advertising types have done a fantastic job of marketing themselves to us?
  • I want to fly on an airline where every aircraft is painted in its own colours. Just like buses in Samoa!
  • Did you spot Peggy from Mad Men +40 years?


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