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An idle mind is a waste, so I try to fill as many hours in the day learning about topics far and wide. But sometimes the thing I'm grokking on is so obscure and odd, it's tricky finding someone who's similarly obsessed to chat with. I've had some history running web enterprises, so why not a site to review and discuss documentaries?

The rules are simple: my facebook friends (hi guys!) have recommended to me a list a documentaries to watch and review. I'll watch just about anything suggested (I'm neither a prude nor squeamish), but it's up to me whether it gets a review or not. I don't think it's going to be a problem 99% of the time, because I'm opinionated and don't have a problem letting it rip. The two other rules are that I must have a review written within 30 minutes of watching the film, and it is a short, short, review. 100 words or so, or at most, a number of words equal to the running time. Weird and arbitrary rules, but this is my project, so there! I'll try to watch and review one or two documentaries a week, but in this initial stage I'll try to get 100 reviews up as soon as I can. As at this writing, I've done 4 so far.

Most of all, I want to chat with folks who want a free and stimulating exchange of ideas. Even if I haven't touched upon something in the doco in my review, I'm still keen to hear your opinion about it.

(Please note: The above image is an illustration, and should not be used for documentary purposes... I wear glasses most of the time.)


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