I want to submit a doco, but I don't want my email address being displayed to all the weirdos on the internet.

Your email address will only be used to inform you when the film you submitted has been reviewed. I may at some stage want to email you with information relevant to this site, but I will not spam you or sell your info to third-parties. That'd be just kinda stink. I have rules set up that stop email harvesting robots from trawling the site, too, for extra precaution. But if you want to be super cautious, don't include your email address. And yes, there are a lot of weirdos on the internet.

I want to submit a doco, but I'm confused by the IMDB link you're asking for. What's that?

IMBD is the Internet Movie DataBase, and is perhaps the most reliable source for film information on the internet. Practically every film produced in the English language is in IMDB, so it's handy to have a link to a film's entry on this site because I have so few words in my reviews. Consider it "extra for experts" in your DocoWatch experience. Like most things on this site, if you don't want to do it, you don't have to. Anybody can browse IMDB for free. There is membership and paid content on that site, but it is really only intended for film industry professionals.

The documentary I want to suggest isn't listed on IMDB. What' should I do?

You can submit without an IMDB link. It might be a little tricky for me to find the film is it isn't listed on IMDB, so in that case it would be useful to include your email address. If you have an alternative url for the film, that would be useful. You can paste it into the same box as the IMDB.

I submitted a doco, but I can't see it on the Film Queue page?

That is probably because I haven't had time to approve the film for the queue. Don't worry, I'll try and get to it at least once per day.

I submitted a doco, but it has been rejected. Why?

Your film will have been rejected for one of two reasons:
  • The film is not a documentary. My definition is fairly broad, but certain films will not qualify. For a film to be considered a documentary (for the purposes of this site), it has to be produced with the intention of providing a wholly factual account or interpretation of an event, phenomena, or thing. Yes, pretty broad, but it does not include movies with dramatized accounts of a topic as a single narrative (e.g. Ghandi (1982)) with the primary purpose of entertainment. However, a documentary may contain dramatizations (e.g. Touching The Void (2003)), but cannot be comprised solely of that content. Similarly, I will not be reviewing mockumentaries. If a film purports to be a documentary, and is later found out to be a mockumentary (e.g. Forgotten Silver (1995)), I'll consider myself fooled, and leave the review posted. Lastly, an instructional film is meant to inform, but generally does not have the journalistic characteristics of a documentary. For that reason, they are also excluded from review.
  • I have already seen it. I would have some difficulty in recall and listing all the documentaries I have seen in the last 40 years, so you'll just have to trust me when I say that's the case.

I submitted a doco, and I can see it on the Film Queue page. When are you going to review it?

The simplest answer is that I'll review it as soon as I can, with a sprinkling of when I get around to it. I'm working on this project for fun, so if a film doesn't appeal to me, it might take some time for me to review it. I know, a very fickle answer... If your film is wonderful and you think I've been ignoring it, feel free to email me with a reminder. If your film is fascinating and/or hilarious, it will get reviewed more quickly. Most nights I'd rather watch something entertaining, I'll choose a film of somebody doing something weird or crazy (I don't know why, but I'm imagining an NBA franchise comprised entirely of pygmies from the Andaman Islands) over something dull (a 15 part series on the history of crochet). But then again, the skill of the film maker does make a difference. Use your best judgement. Given that I am merely (or should that be "barely") human, if a documentary is not well known or well distributed, it might be tricky for me to get ahold of your film. In that instance, patience is a virtue.

What?!? Are you nuts? I [hated / loved] that movie!!!

Uhhh... okay. Once you calm down, tell me why in the comments section below each review.

How do I make comment, then?

The comments area is immediately below the trailer on each review page (e.g. Best Worst Movie), but not on the front page of the site. You don't need to be a member of the site to post a comment, you can post via your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ account. If you're not a fan of social networking, you can still leave a comment without logging in. One of the primary reasons the reviews are short is to leave plenty of room for discussion. Plus, I'm kinda lazy.

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